To high School
                       By Ralph Styles Raven, '09

How dear to our hearts are the memories of high school,
When fond recollections present them to view.
The friendship, the fun, at the little old school.
And all the loved scenes that the good old days knew.
The basement, the ball ground, the grove that stood by it,
The track and the court where many hearts fell;
The mountain, the canyon, that seemed very nigh it;
And e'en the good Profs. we ne'er played too well.

But when all the frolics of high school are over,
And we are out facing the cold world alone,
We know the most fortunate ne'er can discover
So jolly a place as our old high school home.
Then let's all be earnest, be honest and cheerful,
And be just as joyous as students can be;
And though you wander our wide country over
You'd never find students as loyal as we.

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