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Concord ---  Antonio Flaggs, '06, announced ... his acceptance of a full ride scholarship to Humboldt State University!

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The Class of 2006 graduated
at the Chronicle Pavilion in Concord
on Sunday June 11.
Congratulations graduates!
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Mt. Diablo's test scores improve! 
Read Principal Bev Hansen's message to the public:

Every year Mt. Diablo High School sends brilliant students on their way to UC campuses, to many of the State universities and to surrounding community colleges such as Diablo Valley College and Los Medanos. In the last four years, the Gates Foundation selected two graduates for its prestigious scholarship. Both of these students came to us from Riverview Middle School in Bay Point. Every year our nationally recognized Academies, International Hospitality and Tourism and the Digital Safari, and two evolving Academies, Bio-Tech (rigorous sciences) and FAME (performing arts), astound us with real-work projects that reveal far more about students’ academic talents than any paper and pencil test will ever predict. Every teacher in every classroom leads equally capable students forward through curriculum preparing them for the rest of their life. What more important job is there in this country? Leadership opportunities throughout the school allow the diversity of the campus to possess the skills required by our democracy. Although our student athletes seldom arrive with previous competitive experience, with all their hearts they create exciting events on the field and courts. And sometimes we win (did you catch the North Central champion wrestlers last Spring?).

With the three-year support of State and Federal money, staff has been provided professional development in literacy and math and every year student performance in State testing has improved. The negative image that frequently is published about Mt. Diablo High School doesn’t match what we, who walk the lovely campus, know. Please take the time to absorb the powerful payoff of its very hard working students and staff. While many API scores in the state have fallen this year, it is important that the community have an awareness of the increase in the school’s subgroup scores, a colossal leap in several including English Learners, and an overall increase in the API of 42, surpassing the required target of 11.

I publicly want to thank all of the employees of the MDUSD whose support makes our job easier and especially the Superintendents and School Board who insist that all students be provided an equitable education.  At Mt. Diablo High School we are celebrating every secretary, custodian, instructional assistant, supervisor, counselor, social-worker, teacher, and administrator for their relationships with students, for staying the course, for accomplishing the hard work demanded by action plans, for rebounding from disappointment and attacks, and for always believing that Mt. Diablo High School students can do it.

Beverly Hansen
Principal, Mt. Diablo High School
September 5, 2006