Homecoming Queens
Mt. Diablo's Royal Family
1960Sue Cook
1961Sharon Henson
1962Sandy Rusconi
1963Carol Longshore
1964Cathy (Freeman) Lewis
1965Sandy Lee Jones
1966Linda Jones
1967Chris Bianco
1968Vicki (Guerisoli) Maggi
1969Marta Matvlich
1970Michele M. (Lynch) Forkner
1971Kathy Erwin
1972Sandy Tavares
1973Debbie Endress
1973Terrie Scott
1974Lisa Sanchez
1975Angela Blossom
Homecoming Kings and Queens
1976Tony Beach and Desiree Collaro
1977Gene Crabaugh and Christie Zufall
1978Vince Bunac and Jill Uischner
1979Wil Pica and Robin Seagrave
1980Scott Adams and Tracie Stubblefield
1981Dave Israel and Kelly Maes
1982Rick Pringle and Valerie Jacobs
1983Heath McInerney and Michelle Goodrich
1984Todd Lichti and Medina Rafallo
1985John Carl and Paula Sullivan
1986Lonnie Robins and Shonda Hornbeck
1987Darren Reese and Jennifer Goode
1988John Higgins and Tina Rudd
1989Cedric Knight and Kellee Martin
1990Jerry Reese and Shelly Salwasser
1991Jermaine Peters and Deanna Dixon
1992Melvin Dixon and Miriah Jamerson
1993Noe Valenzuela and Meleana Akolo
1994Jason Grosse and Annalisa Horecka
1995Gilbert Rodriquez and Letty Escobar
1996Samuel Rivera and Jana Gomez
1997Jesse Adcock and Martha Mejia
1998Dante Spencer and Adriana Gomez
1999Daniel Rodriguez and Bishwanie Bhiro
2000Anthony Gianquento and Janibel Melendez
2001Miguel Rodriguez and Ginger Dixon
2002Jimmy Truong and Nia Williams
2003Mike Womack and Jamese Victoria
2004Juan Gallardo and Equella Hearne
2005Antonio Flaggs and Angelica Dongallo
2006Dean Ritter and Astrid Henriquez